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South of the Alps

Ladies Retreat & Conference

South of the Alps (SotA) began in 2003 as an outreach ministry of Calvary Baptist Church in Aviano, Italy.  However, the event did not get the title of South of the Alps until 2005.  In 2005 and 2009 SotA was hosted by Vicenza Baptist Church.  Vicenza Baptist Church gave the event its current name, SotA.


The founders of the event aimed to develop a ladies retreat in which the greatest number of ladies could attend with minimal difficulty.  Hosting the retreat in a local church enables ladies of the community and neighboring areas to attend without the expense of travel, lodging, and long-term childcare.  Each lady could arrange for childcare during the retreat sessions and then return home to her family and sleep in her own bed.


Since some ladies are able to travel and attend SotA, invitations to the retreat are sent throughout Europe.  We are always excited to make new friends.


The retreat, better described as a conference, has historically started with an evening meal on a Friday.  Our keynote speaker would teach the first session that evening.  The conference would resume on Saturday morning with a light breakfast fellowship followed by two more sessions of solid and practical Bible teaching.  There would be inspirational and uplifting music, door prizes, and games interspersed throughout the conference.  The last session on Saturday before lunch is perhaps the most special of all.  It is the time for all who want to share what they have learned, how they have been encouraged, or about any decisions that they have made.


Each South of the Alps has an overall theme from which the Bible lessons, music, games, gifts, etc flow.  Some of the past themes are:

2003 - There's a Hole in My Bucket

2004 - Streams in the Desert

2005 - Light in Darkness

2006 - More Than Sparrows

2007 - Bee Blessed

2008 - Putting the Pieces Together

2009 - Out of the Heart

2010 - Love in Every Room

2016 - There's a Hole in My Bucket


As you can see there is a gap between 2010 and 2016.  The founders and organizers of SotA were unable to plan or host the event for several years.  Needless to say, we are EXCITED that SotA is back on the calendar.


We are praying for God to bless in ways we've not known before at the SotA and that HE will expand our boundaries and allow ladies from other regions to attend.


I hope to see you at SotA this year:


Joyfully in HIS service,

Diane Olsen